Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders for Alcovit


For retail stores, online and offline, please apply using the form below and we will send you the wholesale prices.


Alcovit is the perfect impulse buy with wide customer appeal and perfect for Summer. Alcovit is the only German hangover prevention that works and has a money back guarantee.


Perfect upsell as a complementary purchase – in singles or multiples – to increase basket spend.


Customers will buy and return to purchase more and they will recommend to others.


Be first to market with this truly unique product.  Benefit from the great introductory margins on offer.


2 years shelf life and small on display footprint (165mm x 130mm). Online store enquiries are welcome. Pre-purchase or drop ship (pre-approval required).


Prices are ex. GST and includes free shipping. Discounts start at 30% and increase if you order more boxes.



Fill in the form below to apply for a wholesale account:


alcovit wholesale retail

To follow up on your application, please call 1300 252 684.