How it Works –

What is Alcovit?

Alcovit is a German hangover prevention and liver detoxification product.  An effective result based product that is completely safe and registered as a Class II Medical device in Europe, that has been designed to prevent hangovers with science.


Alcovit is a zingy, lime detox drink that rapidly reduces toxins within the body that are typically associated with hangovers.


Alcovit combines premium ingredients with a volcanic rock, which has many natural uses. For centuries this natural ingredient has been used to clean drinking water and also been developed medically to remove a variety of toxins from the human body.


Alcovit is able to support your body’s normal processes to eliminate specific toxins safely within 30 to 60 minutes, that would normally take the body 5 hours to metabolise.


Additionally, antioxidants, 12 superior vitamins and minerals that support a healthy liver, immune and general well-being, including the symptoms we associate with a hangover prevention, ie. headaches, fatigue, excessive thirst, poor sleep etc.


Alcovit is naturally colored from Chlorophyll, with no added sugars, no caffeine, no pharmaceuticals and is preservative free.


Alcovit is designed scientifically to support you to wake up feeling normal the next day. This product was invented in Germany by two inventors .


Alcovit quickly reduces toxins within the body that cause the feelings we associate with a hangover. It also provides support for your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems.


The ingredients, specifically Clinoptilolite, has also been given GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status by the FDA.


How much would you pay not to have a hangover?


 Alcovit works quickly to reduce toxins (like alcohol) within the body that are typically associated with hangovers as well as providing support for your immune, cardiovascular and nervous system and general wellbeing.


Alcovit is a German hangover prevention and liver detoxification produc, which has also been found to effective prevention for forms of alcohol flush, Asian flush or Asian Glow.


Volcanic rock also known as Clinoptilolite (scientific term) is a form of Zeolite or natural mineral silicate. Clinoptilolite (volcanic rock) is a known binding agent comprising of a microporous arrangement of silica. The surface area has a natural affinity to toxins like alcohol and heavy metals.  It has been used for centuries to clean drinking water and has been developed medically to remove a variety of toxins from the body.


How much would you pay not to have a hangover?


We know people want to know the facts, the science about “How Does Alcovit Work? It’s our little secret, so if we tell you, you can’t tell anyone else.


Tell everyone; we think this is pretty special.


Most of know and understand a hangover is an experience that we would all rather avoid and is caused the consumption of ethanol, as found in wine, beer, and spirits.


Hangovers can last for hours or some it can last for days. Typical symptoms may include headaches, drowsiness, concentration problems, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, stomach ache (e.g., vomiting), the absence of hunger, depression, sweating, nausea, mental and physical anxiety.


While everyone needs to understand how alcohol affects them many can shape the severity of a hangover, it’s hard to understand and apply one cause to all people.


We know that many of the following are factors including acetaldehyde build up, changes in the immune system and glucose metabolism, dehydration, sleep deprivation and malnutrition. Additives or by-products such as congeners and preservatives in alcoholic beverages also play a role.


Alcovit is designed to deal with the what we think is the primary cause. Acetaldehyde build-up.


Acetaldehyde is the first by-product produced by the liver as part of the bodies process to metabolize ethanol.


The bodies process it as follows:


There are three enzymes which the body uses to convert alcohol to acetaldehyde to acetate to water.


These enzymes work by stripping two hydrogen atoms off from the alcohol molecule. The enzymes convert the alcohol molecule into a molecule of acetaldehyde.


A different enzyme then converts the acetaldehyde into the acetyl radical and then into a Hydrogen atom.


Once these enzymes have depleted, the acetaldehyde is unable to convert into the acetyl radical and then into a Hydrogen. Meaning acetaldehyde is free to build up and cause havoc in your system.


Acetaldehyde is between 12 and 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself and can remain at a high level in the blood for many hours.


The high concentration of acetaldehyde causes the severity of your hangover and can cause alcohol flush reaction, or the “Asian Flush”. Since the alcohol flush reaction is highly uncomfortable and the possibility of hangovers is immediate and severe.


So together, German Inventors. Herr Nickchen and Herr Juelicher came up with a scientific remedy to prevent hangovers.


Our two inventors discover that a particular type of Natural Mineral Silicate (a kind of volcanic rock) and realized the possibility that this product work as a hangover prevention, due to its ability to bind to toxins like alcohol within living things.


Many years later, after gaining knowledge from working in some of the most significant Pharmaceutical Companies in the world, they refined and created what is known as Alcovit, and we think you will love.


The science that supports the understanding of the Natural Mineral Silicate, its ability to bind to and hold toxins until it exists the body. Alcovit’s natural mineral silicate binds to the toxins that cause the symptoms we associated with a hangover. Eliminating up to 40 grams of toxins within 30 to 60 minutes and reducing of alcohol that needs to be processed by the liver. What would typically take the body five-plus hours to metabolize?


Direct reducing the normal impact on the metabolizing process which causes stress and a lot of physical energy by the body to process these nasty toxins.


The fewer toxins arriving at the liver, the less acetaldehyde that needs to be converted to Hydrogen the less severe the hangover.


Taken as your last drink of the night. Add all contents of the sachet in a large glass and add 250 ml of water, stir, let the bubbles subside and & drink. Or premix in a bottle of water before you leave and have it beside your bed for when you get home, give it a shake and drink.


We recommend as the last drink of the night but can be consumed at any stage as directed. If it settles stir again and drink immediately.

Nothing Artificial

Alcovit uses a lime flavouring that is familiar, but hard to describe, a zingy fruit tingle taste, (many people say ural or eno’s) natural colouring from Chlorophyll, no added sugars, free from preservatives and only 20 Calories in total.


Made by Scientists

Not to get technical, but according to chemistry…Alcohol is a solution (thank you science). But…with solutions like Alcohol, come hangovers (ergh).


So together, German scientists Dr. Nickchen and Dr. Juelicher came up with a scientific remedy to prevent hangovers. Many years later, after gaining knowledge from working in medicine all around the world, they refined and created the Alcovit you know and will love today.

alcovit scientists
alcovit liver

Detoxes your Liver

Alcovit supports the body’s natural process to eliminate toxins quickly, that cause oxidative stress with the body after drinking alcohol and reduce stress on the human body, while most importantly protecting your liver.


If only you were a neutron, because if you walked into a bar and asked for a beer, the bartender would say, “For you, no charge.”

Prevents Hangovers

Hangover anxiety, it’s a real thing and Alcovit is designed to help you wake up feeling fresh and worry-free.


Packed with 12 essential vitamins, our formula that helps the body reduce the impact of stress on your adrenal systems as stress hormones start to reactivate after a night of being dormant (due to drinking). Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out a scientific way to help with moral hangovers, but waking up feeling less hungover is a good enough start as any in our books.

alcovit hangover
alcovit testimonial asian flush

Replace your old Routine

Ruining a good week of healthy eating with a cheeseburger that won’t help you feel better scientifically, isn’t worth the extra stomachache.


Cost benefit analysis? Hungover food delivery, $35. Losing out on a day of enjoyable non-hungover leisure, impossible to quantify…but it’s not worth the hangover, and we don’t have to prove this.


Alcovit, comes as low as under $7 per sachet if you buy in bulk. It’s a simple choice.

Money back guarantee.

We believe in the formula so much that if you aren’t satisfied, we will give you your money back. Conditions apply please read our returns policy.



Alcovit is preventing your next hangover by science!


Take as your last drink of the night to prevent that after party hangover and get your weekends back!





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