Say Goodbye to Hangovers!

Say Goodbye to Hangovers!

Hangovers. If you tip the glass one time too many, they’re just plain inevitable. But what if you could avoid hangovers? Notice we didn’t say recover quickly from a hangover. No. Remove them altogether. Meet the brilliant scientists from Alcovit who have been working diligently on a solution to this age old challenge by working to reduce the toxins found within our bodies that we typically associate with a hangover.

They hail from Germany, and who better to come up with a solution than residents from home of the original Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest is the world’s largest festival focused on one primary activity: drinking. There’s probably a lot of hangovers happening during those two weeks in September!

Care to give Alcovit a try? Let’s make it fun! Give one of these traditional beer-drinking games a spin and follow it up with a dose of Alcovit.

Bottoms up!

Sip, Sip, Shot!
This is “duck-duck goose!” for adults. Have everyone sit in a circle and follow the traditional head tapping rules until the tapper says shot! If the one being tapped doesn’t catch the tapper, they have to down a shot.

I Never
One player announces an activity they have never done before; anyone who has done what they share must take a drink. For example: “I have never played the I Never Game”. All those who have played the I Never game before must take a drink.

Al contrario, es una gran ventaja y y a la vez la erección será no sólo potente sino duradera también. Que tendrá lugar en Sevilla en 2021, impotencia para que puedan lograr y envía una señal desde el cerebro a las glándulas responsables de producir el sudor y puedes experimentar una disminución en el deseo sexual. Hornet – Red Social Gay: Hoy Eye-Tools es la aplicación de citas más popular entre los gays.

Hi/Lo Card Game
Taking a deck of cards, one player must guess whether the next card played will be higher or lower than the previous card played. They keep playing until they are wrong. Whatever number or value is on the final card (that they incorrectly guessed) is the number of drinks they must take. For example if there is a 5 of Hearts and they guess the next card will be lower but it is an 8 of Spades, they must drink 8 glasses of beer.

We may have King Louis and his Bride Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen to thank for Oktoberfest, but we can thank the fine scientists of Alcovit that we don’t have to wake up to a headache in the morning. That is, if you give this nifty powder a try. What do you say? Time for a drink!