Myth 7 Shrimp, Green Tea, Coffee, More Alcohol Will Cure a Hangover

Myth 7 Shrimp, Green Tea, Coffee, More Alcohol Will Cure a Hangover

We’ve all been there. The wise guru co-worker in the cubicle next to you self-professes to know absolutely everything, even the best hangover cure. “What you need for that hangover is some kung pao shrimp!” he proclaims. His wisdom knows no bounds as he pontificates that coffee–and even more alcohol–are also sure-fire cures.

News flash—your co-worker is an idiot–don’t listen to him. Science has already debunked his myths! In a nutshell, once you have ahangover the only way for your body to better is to give it more time and rest from metabolizing all those toxins associated with drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up that hangover process, no matter how hard you try. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a cure. Shrimp is delicious but doesn’t work. It does have amino acids that help break down toxins, but you’d have to eat a whole boatload of it for it to have any real effect.

Caffeine doesn’t do it either. In fact, drinks like coffee and green tea may only help you feel less sleepy, because alcohol does make you drowsy. Caffeine can be disastrous, because it can make you feel more alert and competent than you really are. Remember, you could be still drunk, so don’t think you suddenly possess superpowers because you slammed a Mountain Dew.

More alcohol is the worst idea ever! You just have to wait until your body metabolizes what you drank. Food does help soak up a bit of alcohol, but here’s the catch—the food has to already be in your stomach before you start drinking!

Skip the coffee—and the extra margarita—and just wait it out. Be sure to drink plenty of water. After all, alcohol is a diuretic, so it increases your body’s loss of water. Keep your hydration at a normal level.

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Alcohol is metabolized in your liver, so keeping your liver humming like a jet engine is a great idea. Alcovit is a great solution. Alcovit’s effervescent zingy lime elixir is a safe, effective hangover prevention and detoxification product that can help support the function of the liver. It works by quickly reducing the body’s toxins that create the hangover symptoms. Those toxins cause oxidative stress, so our formulation reduces that stress while protecting your liver at the same time. Alcovit also provides an extra boost to your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and it is chock-full of high-quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help you feel tingly all over.

If you want to wake up feeling fresh, fancy and worry-free, don’t listen to the moron in the cubicle next to you. Tell him there’s birthday cake in the conference room—he’ll be out of your way in no time! Instead, listen to us. Alcovit is the real deal!