Myth 3: Mixing Different Types of Alcohol Gets You More Drunk

Myth 3: Mixing Different Types of Alcohol Gets You More Drunk

So it’s the weekend and you and your friends want to party. When your bestie says it’s time to do shots and pound a beer, let them know – mixing different kinds of alcohol won’t get you more drunk.

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It’s time for Alcovit to bust up Myth #3: Mixing Different Types of Alcohol Gets You More Drunk

The Myth: Why Do People Think Mixing Alcohol Gets You More Drunk?

Whoever started this urban legend was probably the inventor of the Long Island Iced Tea. Or the well whiskey and cheap beer special.

There is a touch of truth in this drinking myth – and that speaks the old rhyme, “Beer before liquor, never sicker.”

You tend to drink hard liquor faster – in shots or in sweet fruity daiquiris – and it hits you body faster. Your body needs less liquor to get drunk, since 1 ounce / 1 shot of liquor has about the same alcohol content as a glass of beer or wine.

When you start mixing it up, you might drink liquor and beer at the same pace, and that can make you feel wasted. But it’s not because you’re mixing different types of alcohol, it’s because you’re drinking a lot of booze in a short amount of time.

The Science: Why Mixing Alcohol Does NOT Get You More Drunk

So what does decide how drunk you feel? The answer is simple. It’s not what you drink, it’s how much you drink in one session.

Of course, everyone’s body is different, and so is their reaction to alcohol. Some people can’t drink tequila – others can’t stand light lagers. The best thing to do if know your body’s limitations and drink within reason.

If you want to get a nice buzz going, sticking to one type of alcohol is a safe bet. But, remember, it’s about how you drink, not what you drink.

Get Rid of Your Hangover Alcovit

Whatever you choose to drink, do it responsibly. Stay safe, get a designated driver and take every step to make sure you have a pleasant tomorrow.

Before you end your night, make your last drink an Alcovit. It’s a scientifically proven hangover prevention supplement. Alcovit detoxifies your body and boosts your adrenal and immune systems.

So drink what you want, mixed or not, and ensure you wake up feeling fine the next day. Use Alcovit to prevent your hangover – and party safe.