How It Works

How it Works

Alcovit works quickly to reduce toxins (like alcohol) within the body that are typically associated with hangovers as well as providing support for your immune, cardiovascular and nervous system and general wellbeing.

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Volcanic Rock

Volcanic rock also known as Clinoptilolite (scientific term) is a form of Zeolite or natural mineral silicate. Clinoptilolite (volcanic rock) is a known binding agent comprising of a microporous arrangement of silica.

The surface area has a natural affinity to toxins like alcohol and heavy metals. It has been used for centuries to clean drinking water and has been developed medically to remove a variety of toxins from the body.

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Nothing Artificial

Alcovit has a lime taste and is naturally colored green from Chlorophyll, a power antioxidant that supports the body against free radicals, especially good in times of stress. There are no added sugars, no caffeine, no pharmaceuticals as these can put additional stress on your liver.

Alcovit is preservative free and only 20 calories.


Taken as your last drink of the night, add all the contents of the sachet into a large glass and add 250 ml of still water. Stir, and let the bubbles subside then drink.

Although it is recommended to be the last drink of the night, Alcovit can be consumed at any stage. If it settles, stir again and drink immediately.

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Replace your old Routine

After a wind down at the end of a stressful day with a couple of quiet drinks, feel better more often thanks to Alcovit.

Alcovit works to quickly reduce toxins within the body that are typically associated with hangovers and provide support for your immune. Get out there and live your life.

Money back guarantee.

We are so confident in our product that if you aren’t satisfied, we will give you your money back. Conditions apply please read our returns policy.



Alcovit is preventing your next hangover by science!


Take as your last drink of the night to prevent that after party hangover and get your weekends back!