Alcohol Detox or Hangover Prevention


Alcovit is a zingy, lime detox drink that rapidly reduces toxins within the body that are typically associated with hangovers.


Alcovit is able to support your body’s normal processes to eliminate specific toxins safely within 30 to 60 minutes, that would normally take the body 5 or 6 hours to metabolise.


Additionally, antioxidants, 12 superior vitamins and minerals that support a healthy liver, immune and general well-being, including the symptoms we associate with a hangover prevention, ie. headaches, fatigue, excessive thirst, poor sleep etc.


Alcovit is naturally coloured from Chlorophyll, with no added sugars, no caffeine, no pharmaceuticals and is preservative free.


Alcovit is designed scientifically to support you to wake up feeling normal the next day. This product was invented in Germany by two inventors and is registered with the TGA.

Perfect for Parents

After an evening winding down with a couple of drinks, Alcovit gives you the energy to wake up and feel good to tackle your busy day ahead.


Being a parent is a full time job in itself. So when parents get the chance to let their hair down, Alcovit does the work whilst you sleep. With Alcovit you wake up on a Saturday morning raring to go after getting stuck into a few Friday night celebratory drinks – that you made it through the week!


Your 6am wake up call becomes a welcomed event and you just can’t wait to get to weekend kids sports to tell everyone how awesome you’re feeling…all thanks to Alcovit!!


Alcovit quickly reduces toxins within the body that cause the feelings we associate with a hangover.

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 How Do I Take It

Taken as the last drink of the night, all you need to do is have a one serving with water sometime before you go to bed or in that free uber waterbottle they always offer you on your way home from a night out. If the ingredients settle stir or shake and immediately.

Tear the edge off the sachet. Add the

15g or full sachet to a large glass of at

least 250ml of (still) water

Stir well the water,

add more water



It’s not a free ticket to drink yourself silly, but we believe you’ll be amazed at how you feel in the morning.

Check out some of our testimonials below and see for yourself how so many people have been #SavedByAlcovit



Hi, we’re Herr Nickchen and Herr Juelicher.

We’re are the inventors of Alcovit with almost 70 years of combined expereince in the Pharmaceutical industry. It’s taken us 25 years to discover a scientific way to prevent hangovers without having to give up drinking alcohol.


In fact in Europe, Alcovit Med is classified as a Class IIa medical device.


Some of the worst elements of a hangover comes from your liver running out of the ingredients it needs to process the most toxic element that comes from alcohol (acetaldehyde).


By studying the physiological effects of this process we developed a solution to support your body in drastically reducing the build up of acetaldehyde.

A balanced lifestyle – healthy and a social life

Alcovit is a pantry staple for those who strive for a healthy lifestyle with exercise, clean eating and organic wine (haha…no seriously) – Alcovit supports the body’s natural process to eliminate toxins like alcohol.


Alcovit combines premium ingredients – volcanic rock, antioxidants, 12 superior vitamins and minerals that support a healthy liver, your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as a hangover prevention.



Alcovit is naturally coloured from Chlorophyll, with no added sugars, no caffeine, no pharmaceuticals, preservative free and only 20 calories.

alcovit lifestyle
alcovit healthy life

Working Mums

Alcovit is a working mum’s trusted friend, after a wind down at the end of a stressful day with a couple of wines, feel better more often tomorrow with Alcovit.


Alcovit works to rapidly reduce toxins within the body that are typically associated with hangovers 12 superior vitamins and minerals that support a healthy liver, immune and hangover prevention. You’ll be pleased to know that there are no added sugars, it’s preservative free and only 20 calories.

Nothing Artificial

Alcovit uses a lime flavouring that is familiar, but hard to describe, a zingy fruit tingle taste, (many people say ural or eno’s) natural colouring from Chlorophyll, no added sugars, free from preservatives and only 20 Calories in total.

TGA registered: AUST L 289929


Detoxes your Liver


Alcovit supports the body’s natural process to eliminate toxins quickly, that cause oxidative stress with the body after drinking alcohol and reduce stress on the human body, while most importantly protecting your liver.


If only you were a neutron, because if you walked into a bar and asked for a beer, the bartender would say, “For you, no charge.”

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We believe in the formula so much that if you aren’t satisfied, we will give you your money back.

Conditions apply please read our returns policy


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