Finally, a Preventative Remedy for Hangovers!

Finally, a Preventative Remedy for Hangovers!

If you partake of alcoholic beverages, chances are you’ve experienced a hangover and its dreaded effects such as headache, sensitivity to sound and light, nausea and a feeling of disorientation. For those who have, Alcovit, a German product that prevents hangovers, detoxifies the liver and is classified as both effective and safe, is now available. This Class II European medical device or vitamin supplement here, helps to reduce toxins in the body associated with hangovers while, simultaneously, supporting the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems of those who drink it as their last drink following alcoholic consumption.

What Causes Hangovers?
The theories on this topic are numerous and have been around for centuries. Today, science has identified the chief culprit as congeners which is defined as a minor chemical constituent, that lends a distinctive character to liquor, beer and wine, and is responsible for some of alcohol’s physiological effects associated with hangovers. This byproduct of certain fermentation processes manifest in differing ways in accordance with what is being fermented, and may be best understood in the differences between clear and dark alcoholic beverages.

Which Alcoholic Beverages Are Least Likely to Produce Hangovers?
You can almost say the answer to this question is visually represented by the lightness or darkness of alcoholic beverages. There’re some modifiers that affect this premise, but here’s a good list to work from.
Grain alcohol. Some people refer to this beverage as distilled ethanol. It is distilled as high as 190 proof, of 95-percent pure alcohol. However, during this process, most of the congeners are removed leading to a reduction in hangovers.
Clear liquors. Vodka’s the next least likely beverage to cause a hangover, followed closely by gin. Both are rendered clear during distillation because of a vast reduction in congeners.
White wine. Again the operative principle here is that lighter colored alcoholic beverages contain fewer congeners, hence less potential hangovers.
Beers, amber in color. We don’t mean specifically lite beers, but, rather, those lite in color due to fewer congeners.
Champagne. While the bubbles in champagne have been demonstrated to increase alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, it is not necessarily a contributor to hangovers.
Dark liquors. While you may experience a hangover from any form of alcohol, the darker forms may lead to more severe hangovers. We’re talking here about, bourbon, scotch, blended whiskey, rum and others. Ironically, perhaps, it is the higher level of hangover causing congeners that give these beverages their unique taste characteristics and aromas.
Red wine. Tannin found in red wine have been attributed to the promotion of healthy cardiovascular function, but, no, they’re not a likely contributor to hangovers.
Brandy. It’s dark and contains a considerable percentage of congeners, therefore it’s a good bet for causing a hangover if you drink too much of it.

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Seek Moderation in All Things Including Alcohol
This ultimately gets down to a question of common sense. You may suffer a hangover from overindulgence with any type of alcoholic beverage, light or dark. Also, sugary mixers have been shown to contribute to hangovers. Being moderate in how much one partakes of alcohol in any of its many forms is advised if one wishes to avoid a hangover.

Now There’s a Preventative Means to Avoid Hangovers
Regardless of what type of alcohol you indulge in, if you’ll make sure that the last thing you drink following this indulgence is Alcovit, you can avoid the effects of a hangover altogether. Packed with 12 vitamins, minerals, a traditional Chinese herb and antioxidants, this popular detox drink has a zingy, lime-based flavor. For more information and to order Alcovit, follow this link.