Fact or Fake: Does Dehydration Cause Hangovers?

Fact or Fake: Does Dehydration Cause Hangovers?

We’ve all been there: you hit the town with a couple of friends and tell yourself that you’re only going to have a few drinks. Next thing you know, you’ve lost count of how many drinks you’ve had. As if the horrid taste of alcohol wasn’t punishment enough, the next morning you’re left with a massive hangover. You could’ve sworn that you drank a decent amount of water to reduce the effects of a hangover, but your efforts were to no avail. So what exactly causes a hangover? Is dehydration the sole culprit?

Busting the Myth
We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t break the seal!” during a night out. After lots of drinking, it seems like you’re using the bathroom every 10 minutes. So why is this exactly? Well, this is due to the suppression of vasopressin, a hormone that’s responsible for the conservation of water in our body. When alcohol mixes into our bloodstream, this hormone is no longer active, making you hit the bathroom every ten minutes. This results in vital water loss, creating similar hangover symptoms like fatigue, nausea and a pounding headache.

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Identifying the Real Culprit(s)
Recent studies have shown that yes, while dehydration after drinking can cause that throbbing headache, that’s actually just your body trying to restore its natural level of fluids. However, that nauseating feeling in your stomach can be credited to inflammation in your stomach lining. As if that wasn’t enough, alcohol also increases the levels of gastric acid in our bodies, causing you to feel the urge to vomit.

Another theory is the production of acetaldehyde, a compound that you probably learned about in biology class. This toxic compound is a byproduct that your body produces when it digests alcohol, producing similar symptoms to a hangover. In fact, it’s theorized that acetaldehyde is actually 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself.

The last theory pertains to cytokines. One study found that people with hangovers had a high level of cytokines: substances that are produced when the body is trying to fight off infections. It’s believed that high levels of cytokines in healthy individuals can actually produce those nasty hangover symptoms.

How to Prevent Hangovers Once and For All
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