Myth 2: Drinking Kills Brain Cells

Myth 2: Drinking Kills Brain Cells

If you like to party, a Debby Downer or Sad Sack Stephen probably told you before:

“Ummm – don’t you know alcohol kills your brain cells!?”

Be happy to know that those misguided souls don’t know what they’re talking about.

Join Alcovit as we bust up Myth #2: Drinking Kills Brain Cells.

The Myth: You’re Killing Your Brain Cells When You Drink

Why do people say that drinking kills brain cells? Probably because it can make you feel pretty out there – and when people think inhibited function, they think you’re hurting the brain.

While drinking may make you perceive people differently or lead you to say what’s on your mind, alcohol won’t kill your brain cells. That’s an urban legend.

When you’re hungover, it may feel like you killed a few brain cells the night before. But even when your head spins, the knowledge within isn’t going anywhere.

So what exactly happens to your brain when you drink?

The Science: Your Brain is Temporarily Impaired, but Your Mind is Fine

Drinking doesn’t kill your brain cells. When you drink your favorite cocktail or craft beer, you’re changing your brain chemistry. Let’s mix it up, neurons.

It’s not just because it’s “your song” that just came on. Things feel more awesome now because your brain released more endorphins and serotonin than usual. This is just the beginning of how your body reacts to consuming alcohol.

While drinking alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells, it’s not 100% safe. Binge drinking or drinking in excess can lead to real health concerns and severe long term side effects. Always drink responsibly – and don’t be afraid to get help if you need it.

Alcovit Makes Your Brain and Body Feel Better After Drinking

You don’t want to feel like you destroyed your brain last night (even though your brain cells are just fine.) Ensure you have an awesome morning with the help of Alcovit.

Alcovit is a German engineered supplement that detoxifies your body after a night of consuming alcohol. It provides you with 12 essentials vitamins that support and revitalize your liver, adrenal system and immune system.

Go out, get lit and do it for the story. Don’t worry about wasting the next day feeling awful. Just be responsible and make sure your last drink before bed is an Alcovit.