Bust a Myth 6: Different Types of Alcohol Affect Your Behavior

Bust a Myth 6: Different Types of Alcohol Affect Your Behavior

Another popular belief and drinking myth from drinking alcohol is that different behaviors are developed when people drink different types of alcoholic beverages. For instance, whiskey is known to make a person rambunctious, tequila is known to make a person jive and dance. Does mixing alcohols give you two or more of these behaviours at once? And what about champagne? Do you feel like a champion after drinking a bottle?

To easily prove this, you can just grab a friend and drink different alcoholic beverages, which is a quick and easy way to debunk this myth. No type of alcohol will give a person the urge to do something specific as dancing or roughhousing.

The fact of the matter is, there are no different behaviours when drinking different types of alcohol. When you are drunk, you are drunk. From a scientific standpoint, the effects of every type of drinking alcohol are very similar to one another. Alcohol is promptly absorbed into your bloodstream as soon as it hits the mouth, and travels into your digestive system where the alcohol molecules are all absorbed in the body. It will make its way to the brain and pretty much every part of your bloody in the blood stream, eventually altering your neural network and slowing it down immensely.

The part of the brain that controls our emotions is known as the hippocampus, one of the brain’s memory processing systems. While we feel different under the influence, due to a reddened face, a lower blood pressure and expansive blood vessels, it is not proven that alcohol messes with the neurons that are found in the hippocampus.

The idea behind different alcohols making us feel in different ways is because of the occasions we use certain drinks for. Tequila, for example, is commonly consumed during celebrations, holidays, and having fun, especially at Mexican or Spanish themed events where dancing with a partner is a common activity. A special occasion might make you dance, but tequila makes you tipsy, whiskey makes you tipsy, you get the idea.

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