Myth 4: “Breaking the Seal” Causes You to Urinate More Often When Drinking

Myth 4: “Breaking the Seal” Causes You to Urinate More Often When Drinking

The Myth
There’s a well-known drinking myth called “breaking the seal”. Have you heard of it? The idea is that when you are drinking, the last thing you want to do is go to the bathroom. If you do, you’ll break some kind of mythical seal and you’ll spend the rest of the evening peeing every 5 minutes. People who frequent the drinking scene swear by this phenomenon but is it true? Does that first wee of the night set you up for an evening filled with trips to the bathroom?

The Science
While choosing to use the bathroom for the first time, after a round of drinks, may not necessarily “break the seal”, drinking alcohol can cause you to urinate frequently. The reason being that alcohol is a diuretic. It suppresses ADH or the antidiuretic hormone. ADH helps conserve water in your body and sends signals to your kidneys to reabsorb any extra water.

Without it, the kidneys get confused and more water is released into your bladder which in turn causes a need to pee and pee often. Add to that the effects of carbonation on your body from fizzy drinks. Now you have gas pushing against your bladder as well. Your body is sending signals to your brain, “I gotta go! I gotta go bad!” No wonder people are afraid to break the seal. Spending the night in the bathroom is not our kind of pub action. But what can you do? You will continue to need to go to the bathroom until the level of alcohol in your bloodstream has reduced significantly. What this also means is that the drink to moderate the feelings the next day, may not be absorbed by the body, instead going straight to the bladder. If drinking alcohol interrupts these hormone signals, what’s the solution. Is there a solution?

Why Yes! There is a Solution
If alcohol is a diuretic, perhaps the solution is combating the effects. Alcovit supports the body’s natural process to eliminate toxins quickly. That means if the toxins causing the block to ADH is gone, the urge to pee frequently will be gone as well. So this handy little hangover prevention can also prevent those pesky visits to the bathroom. Go ahead. Give this zingy lime-flavored detox drink a try. And keep the mugs filled to the brim. We tip our glass to you. “May you thoroughly enjoy your evening, avoid “breaking the seal” and wake up feeling refreshed and void of hangover symptoms.” It is possible. Prost!

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