The Alcovit Story

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Alcovit is a unique product that was born out of a desire to provide a solution to an age-old problem “The Hangover”.


Approximately 25 years ago, a few young men and woman were using their skills to solve the age-old problem of not turning up to work feeling like death on Monday after a big weekend. The original idea was a side line project some fun not quite other research and trails but a cause that effects most of us at some stage in our life.


So, it was late 80’s early 90’s whilst working for one of those pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, a small group of colleagues being a chemist, research scientist and middle management decided to have a go at developing an effective product to prevent the dreaded hangover. Many drunken nights and weekends, (all in the name of science) were spent exploring this Holy Grail – of the weekend reveller.


The Directors of Biotake GmbH were amongst themembers of that group, after long careers working for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, they decided to follow their dreams and set their minds to perfecting this challenge yet again.


A combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants were found to be effective with scientific principles. Research through vitro and in-vitro testing sessions, were done to refining the foundation of this formula. Unfortunately, this small group could not perfect the formula and bring their innovation to the world.


So, years and years pass and the Directors of Biotake GmbH never stopped thinking “what if”, what if they could make something that supported people, friends and families to better enjoy their weekends. Those special times at social events where alcohol is consumed and a next day that occurs without the side effects we know as a hangover.


They left their jobs and spent the next 5 years refining that formula, and the production process was successful. As with most entrepreneur’s money and time was their enemy, with a massive commitment to the project they did everything they could do to achieve a result. There is a story about a meeting on a lire Jet on a runway with some Russian Business man (might have been the Mafia), in the search for the right business partners to be able to secure enough money to make their mission complete.


Their story is remarkable, times and joy, times of frustration, highs and lows, of disappoint and finally innovation and success. A story of adventure and pure determination to make sure this product and its pathway ends with the consumer.


Thoughts of have we done the right thing? A determination that what they had, was truly that something that would potential change the lives of millions of people around the world by simple reducing that ill effect of too many drinks on a Friday night and image if people made the most of those lost days, weeks and years accumulated over a life time.


Fast-forward a few years, an Australian man, spent a few weeks in Munich, Germany in the European summer of 2009 chasing a business idea.


He stumbled across small green and white sachet that potentially made the world a slightly better place. That little green and white sachet was Alcovit; in translated to be hangover prevention. Several samples were acquired and brought them back to Australia, and let us just say an extensive program of testing occurred with family friends at many social occasions. Success! Everyone experienced positive results and no hangovers.


The samples ran out, all attempts to find the Biotake the manufacturer was exhausted, and the idea of importing this little green and white sachet was put on hold.


Fast-forward a few years later, 2014 at least 16 months had gone past since he had last tried to find the manufacturers of Alcovit with the idea of bringing it to Australia and Australians.


At dinner with friends and the above story was told of this product and amazing the results were the next day. That night he found Biotake and set in motion the idea of bringing Alcovit to Australia.


We are not scientists or chemists and we are not a multi-national corporation with unlimited funds. However, what we do have is a belief that this is an amazing product and we wish to share it with you.


Alcovit works, like no other product we have tried so if you suffer from hangovers no matter how much you drink,
Or if you have plans to have a big night, weekend and don’t recover as well as you used to
Or you think you might want to try to reduce some the feeling of being average the next day.


Alcovit could be your answer to an age-old problem.


That doesn’t include the eating or drinking something slimy, salty or disgusting. Doesn’t require you to sourcing some rare herb from the amazon, and hair of the dog let’s be honest doesn’t work, adding more poison to anything doesn’t stack up in anyone’s language and really not an option before your shift starts or the 10.30 meeting with boss, or even making that gym class.


Wake up and feel normal after a great day or night by taking the small, white and green sachet as your last drink or before bed for the best results because we all know that there is no such thing as a hangover CURE.


Try Alcovit and wake feeling normal.


Alcovit’s Guiding Principles


Fact: Alcovit is not a product that gives you a free pass, it is not designed to support irresponsible anti-social drinking especially people that set out to “get smashed or trashed”.


Fact: Alcohol is a poison that causes issues. Within the body, short term (hangover) and long term (worse).


Fact: Everyone should be smart and consume alcohol responsibly.


Good idea: Everyone reacts differently to the effects of Alcohol, understanding you and what alcohol does to you is key, no independent double-blind clinical trial will provide you with these results.


Good idea: Beware of health guidelines, recommended consumption limits to mitigate lasting health concerns.


Fact: Best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink, or be under 25, or have a better functioning liver, we know this! We also know that a great night out can start with all the best intentions, and the next day you’ve realised that those intentions went out the window and we tend to drink more than we should and suffer the next day.


Good idea: You must drink Alcovit to achieve a result, take it with you take during your event or leave beside your bed, just like our scientists experiments, it can take 3 occasions to understand the real result Alcovit provides.


Fact: Alcovit is NOT an every day vitamin supplement, it’s a unique refined combination of high-quality ingredients and real scientific formulas to mitigate the stress on the body caused by alcohol.


Fact: Alcovit is NOT a Cure.  Once a build-up of toxins like acetaldehyde are in your blood, the damage has been done. Any product taken the next day will not reduce the amount of acetaldehyde being processed by your liver.


Fact: Never drink and drive, it’s illegal, dangerous and stupid.


Fact: Hangover are the worst full stop. Prevention is always better than a CURE. Hangovers prevented by science just makes sense…